Our services

It provides the manufacturing and reconstruction services of parts for rotary and stationary equipment in the petroleum, agrarian, civil and allied industries at the local level and the Magdalena Medio handling quality standards.

Manufacture of Parts

Manufacture of mechanical components for rotary and/or stationary equipment in the industry.

Maintenance and Repair

Reconstruction and/or repair of industrial equipment parts.


Technical Consultancy for engineering projects.


Rent of space equipped with Crane Bridge maximum capacity 10 Ton.

Special welding

TIG welding, MIG, coated electrode, among others.

Portable Lathe

Service for repair of heavy machinery parts in the field.

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In the library we are proud to have clients who have helped us to be better every day and we want to thank you all for your trust

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Organizational philosophy

Quality: As a permanent norm that governs the business life in the achievement of excellence. Offer conditions of use of the product or Servici

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Quality certificates

The priority is to comply with the requirements of the client, legal and other applicable in terms of quality, safety, health in the T