Quality certificates

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Quality certificates

<strong>INTECAR</strong> Tiene como prioridad cumplir con los requisitos del cliente, legales y otros aplicables en materia de calidad, seguridad, salud en  el trabajo y ambiente.

To continually improve the efficiency in the integral management system, providing the services of manufacture, rectification, metallization and babitado of parts of rotary equipment, valves and accessories for industrial equipment. Maintenance of rotary equipment. Service of welding and industrial assemblies, with quality, punctuality, good machinery, guaranteed materials and competent personnel, in order to satisfy the expectations of the clients and the growth of the company.

We are aware of the dangers and risks to which workers, contractors, subcontractors, visitors and the environment are exposed in the development of these activities, therefore we identify, evaluate, prevent and control the existing risks , avoiding the deterioration of the working conditions, the physical and mental health of our personnel.

For which it is committed to guarantee the health and well-being of the workers, contractors, clients and visitors, minimizing and controlling the dangers inherent in our economic activity avoiding the generation of accidents of work and illnesses  Labour.

Intecar undertakes to prevent the significant impacts caused to the environment and the environment by fulfilling the environmental programs established to prevent the environmental pollution generated from our operation.

The high management has the resources required to comply with the planned.

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